The Martian


The Martian
The Martian

“The Martian” accomplishes a feat that few movies can achieve, and that’s obliterating expectations to surprisingly wonderful new lengths in entertainment.

Astronaut Marc Watney (Matt Damon) partakes in a manned mission to Mars with his commander (Jessica Chastain) and crew. After a freak storm, the shipmates mistakenly abandon Marc. Stranded on an alien planet with dwindling resources, Marc uses his wits and willpower to make Mars a survivable home until a rescue crew can arrive, years later.

What could have been an intensely dramatic and depressing lone survivor story, is actually uplifting and light-hearted. “The Martian” challenges viewers without being bitter. You can’t but feel a joyful sense of optimism through Marc’s journey. Watch this CoolMovieGuide video for the stellar review and rating.

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